No 3D for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

Tim Burton recently talked with The Wrap about his plans for 3D with his upcoming movies, including the remake of the gothic soap, Dark Shadows.

Burton explains his views on the 3D craze and a lot about how he doesn’t quite have a firm grasp on the tone of Dark Shadows yet. Here is what he said:

I have no plans for [shooting Dark Shadows in 3D]. I loved doing “Alice” in 3D.  “Freankeweenie,” gonna do that in 3D. There’s people like, “Everything’s gonna be in 3D,” or “I hate 3D!”  I think people should have a choice. I don’t think it should be forced on anybody.

I’m just starting, and it’s a weird tone and it’s a lot of actors and, you know, we’re not starting with the simple stuff; we’re sort of getting right in there. You like to kind of sneak up on it a little bit, but this one we just kind of slammed right into it. [asked if it will have a sop opera quality] Yes, I don’t know. I’m early into it because it’s a funny tone, and that’s part of what the vibe of the show is, and there’s something about it that we want to get. But when you look at it, it’s pretty bad. I’m hoping that it will be — it’s early days, let’s put it — I’m very intrigued by the tone.  It’s a real ethereal tone we’re trying to go for and I don’t know yet.

He also talks about a revealing moment where he decided to say “fuck it” and just do what he wants!

I’ll never forget, it was like a mind-expanding moment. I was sitting at Farmer’s Market and we were there on a class trip, sketching. I was frustrated, and I just said, “Fuck it. I can’t do this so I’m just going to draw.” And at that moment, it just changed for me. Not that my drawings got any better, but it just did something that I truly felt like my mind expanded. It was like taking some kind of drug and it just did something. I’ll never forget it.

Read the full interview here. Thanks to /Film for the find!

Dark Shadows stars Johnny Depp, Michelle PfeifferHelena Bonham CarterEva GreenJackie Earle HaleyJonny Lee MillerBella HeathcoteChloe Moretz, and Gulliver McGrath and is scheduled to be released in May 2012.



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