Mickey Mouse movie could be in development

Mickey MouseRumor has it that Disney is developing a movie for one of its oldest and original characters, Mickey Mouse. Created in 1928, Mickey is the most recognizable of Disney imagery. But these days Disney has been more about rebelling teen stars than anything else.

The news was coupled with a statement from Burny Mattinson, the supervising story artist for the new Winnie The Pooh movie, which harks back to the much earlier (and oh-so-much-better) Pooh cartoons from the 1960s and 70s.

I am working on just an idea of my own which is basically a Mickey, Donald, Goofy feature film idea. We have to present it first to the bosses to get the green light.

Considering how much Mickey has influenced merchandising, cartoons and video games, it’s surprising he’s never had the feature film treatment. He did have cameos in Fantasia and Who Framed Roger Rabbit in addition to theatrical shorts such as Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Mickey and the Beanstalk. But he has yet to play himself in a feature length format. Perhaps he’s just too familiar to mess with lightly. We hope they consider a similar treatment for Mr. Mouse as they have with the new Pooh.

And if that’s interests you, Winnie the Pooh hits theaters this July.

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  1. Moses says:

    Of course he has yet to play himself in a feature length adventure with the real little help of Irish actor Colin Farrell to step in onto his shoes if he see how Mickey Mouse first came to be before the events of Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie. Perhaps he’s just as wild as the real Mickey Mouse would do.

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